My Gakkenflex!

Received it like a week ago. And it took me awhile before I finally able to figure the shutter mechanism and getting it to work properly. 

Frankly my fat clumsy fingers and my lacking of patient doesn't really help at all! I almost give up but thinking of how much I did wanted this plastic toy in the first place...I dare myself to disassemble it (the shutter mechanism) and putting things back together and well thanks god it works!

Alas...I'm proud to say I did managed to DIY it all alone (never mind that I took almost two days hahahhaha) myself with further reference, help and tips from here and here.

Now to really claim for the credit 
I yet prove it with at least decent photos.
That will be coming up like really soon!

So do you have a Gakkenflex?
pardon me...
I'm just being euphoric over my small accomplishment


  1. phewittt!!...cpt2 guna..upload pics nk tgk:)

  2. ahleng ariKen :

    angkat la satu :)

    ninie.n.(kdg2)ami :

    heh...sabar2 film tak abis lagi :)


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