Tanjung Sepat

Not much luck with Mr. Windsor this time around

Anyway...a little bit about Tanjung Sepat
I guess it needs no introduction among the Malaysian Chinese
And maybe Singaporean tourists as well
A small fishing village along the south west coast of peninsular Malaysia
It is also one of the best place for seafood lovers to dine
Tho' I can't really confirmed bout that

And if you google "Tanjung Sepat"
The results will definitely highlight about
"The Lovers Bridge"
(Which I intentionally didn't really capture here)
So that I have to visit the place again...hopefully
Nice sunset view as you dine in the restaurants

I don't know why but these small river where the boats are resting
It reminds me of canal in Portobello
Attracted me the most
So there you go...
Loads and load of boats for you
Enjoy the view!

Olympus MJU II and Kodakcolor iso 200
WINDSOR and expired Fuji Astia


  1. super nice la kak!
    jom la pegi!

    p/s: gmba kat kl hr tu byk yg gelap la kak. kne beli flash jugak utk smena. uhukk. :(

  2. santek mek not..later2 i'll join u..

  3. Linked to Tanjung Sepat Facebook Group.. hope you dont mind.

  4. This is....:

    welcome...dear! and thanks :)


    jom...bila2 senang kita gi orait?

    org ada jumpa kat eBay flash utk smena dlm 80 hengget dgn colour filter...kalau nk org bleh tlg orderkan :)

    apa2 pon thanks!

    tangankita :

    zaman bila tu nak join? kamera pon tak amik lagik chaittt!!!! kang aku pakai kang baru menyesal

    anonymous :

    cheers for the link...mind telling me the url of the group?

  5. akak, ade ke flash utk smenaaaa?
    mahuuuuu. serius ni mahuuu.
    nnt kite bank in kat akak nye maybank bleh?

  6. superb! shot...paling2 suka composition and colournyer...sgt2 besh!...

  7. hi lina..

    met u at mr+mrs imran ichiro's aqiqah, tak dpt chitchat or bersuai kenal kan.. huhu..

    really nice shots!! great pics..
    love it!

  8. 5577

    A'ah la time is too short kan...mbe we could meet up later kalau ada rezeki... insyaallah

    apa2 pon thanks for the compliments :)

  9. Hi Sexy,
    Please find the link :


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