Little Dinie and The Best Friend

We went to the same primary school
She was my partner who will lined up beside me every morning
And we also hang out together during the school break

In addition, we went in the evening to the sekolah agama
(yes in same class for as long as I could remember)
And we did that like for six happy years
Till my family finally moved out of that place

This world is indeed a small place
After almost 19 years of total separation
We mat again through a photo-shooting session
Together with cute and curious Little Dinie and Hubster

primary school best friend

One Happy Family

Trying to distract Little Dinie




father and dinie

mad colors!

she's enjoying the attention of the lens!

fujica st605n +  fuji reala 100
vivitar uws  + agfa ct precisa 100

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