Penang in 120

Some snapshots I took using my red sexy Holga
While I was in Penang
Two weeks ago

Fort Cornwallis

Red Lanterns

 St. George Church

Fort Cornwallis

Fly Away

Cheah Kongsi

Beware - It Bites

Armenian St.

 Yap Kongsi

Batu Ferringhi Beach

Minaret of Kapitan Keling Mosque

one of the many narrow lane

I couldn't help my fascination with red lanterns

Dinner Time

Trishaw Ride


Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion - The Blue Mansion

Old and Beautiful

while I was waiting

wasting my precious film


  1. i like how the way the pictures are presented.. nice.. and i miss its chendol! =D

  2. love it all kak! isk..taktau cek nk pilih mana satu...semua cek suka aih!:)

  3. terbaek la kakkk!
    kalo dpt ikot sure lg best neh.
    pegi ngn sape hr tu kak?

  4. kenwooi:

    aawwww i didn't get the chance to go on the tram ride @ penang hill and i miss the chendol too :(

    maybe i shud come and visit penang again soon


    welcome! and thanks for your compliments :)


    i'm just being lucky...

    Holga ni skrg mcm ada prob dgn flash yg meletop2...seske ati tatau apsal...pastu dh on takle off sampai bateri kaput...sigh!


    Thanks :) pegi ngan member...patotnya ninie ngan ami ikot gak tp ninie ada prob ari tuh.

    A'ah kalau ramai2 lagi besh! takpe next year kita tron lagi jom :)

  5. simply lovely and amazing shots!!

    old school like the old school..
    i like! :D

  6. gambar2 yang sungguh AWESOME!


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