Penang Random Shot

I really miss being a...traveler, becoming a tourist, exploring the city, getting to know the local people, culture and foods. And most of all I miss doing a travel report here.

I know it is just Penang but hey! this place is really as close as getting yourself to a European city. Every steps and corner now and then in Georgetown I would go ooohhh and ahhhhhhsss when I saw old style colonial buildings.

Trying my best to imagine the building during it's glorious time when Francis Light is still alive maybe. And day dreaming that if one day I got the resources I will definitely buy each and every old building here and turned it back like what it used to be in those days?

It such an amazing feeling to be able to satisfy my wanderlust. To be able to just snap at random at what seems to be interesting to me. To learn the history of this place and get to know it better.

Did you know that was a tram system in Georgetown? Not just the one in Penang Hill but in the city itself just like Lisbon some sort. And by looking at the photos in the museum, Penang in the early days from the shore looked almost like Venice. With merchants crowding it streets and ships docked nearby. Amazing!

We were on foot most of the time we were in Georgetown, however if you don't think you could do that the Rapid bus system is reliable and most of the driver is really helpful. Just ask if you're not sure.Or else just hitch for a trishaw ride but do ask for how much they are charging first.

Too bad tho, that I missed the Chap Goh Meh event on Sunday night. And the Penang Hill tram is currently close for upgrading works. But overall I really had fun and enjoy the short trip. Hopefully I will be back again soon to catch up the new tram of Penang Hill!

For now enjoy the photos!

Bersatu dan Setia

Temple of Mercy Goddess

Lebuh Campbell Market

Armenian Street

Batu Ferringhi Sky

Lebuh Chulia

 Lantern at Khoo Kongsi

beautiful old buildings

foods stall

Fort Corwallis

water chestnut

deserted shop house

different view of St. George Church


junk food galore at Chowrasta Market


Padang Kota Pasembur

being a typical Malaysian....

evening at Gurney Drive

middle of somewhere

Jln. Transfer - one of the busiest breakfast spot

Khoo Kongsi


Kapitan Keling Mosque

Batu Ferrighi Beach

 red trishaw

pigeons and narrow lane


  1. waaaah
    banyak gamba akak kaler dia sebijik mcm gamba mase 70s. huuu.
    good job, kak linaaa! :)

  2. Haih...Wish I could join tk bley...erm and again nice series kak:) the colours...vintage:)

  3. sHa:

    thanks! tulah besh gak layan negative jer trip neh...kaler semer washed out mcm yg dicari2 :)


    takpe ninie...there's always next year :) nnt kita gi sesama yer bila tram kat bkt bendera tu dh ok

  4. hey i'm from penang! I haven't gone back since CNY! Nice pictures, next time when u r around maybe u can buzz me first, if i'm in pg can go take picture together gether~

  5. adrian:

    thanks adrian! i'll make sure next time around if i'm in penang...i make u buy me lunch besides the photo shoot of course :)

    hahahhaha now you regret it hahahaha


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