The Protestant Cemetary

If you had ever read "The Lollipop Shoes" by Joanne Harris
There was a boy who loves to snap photos in the graveyard
I guess I now understand why he did it

And yes given a chance
I would love to do more photo shoot there!
A gothic chic perhaps would complement my idea :)


  1. graveyard lg.. siang2 takpe lg.. kalau mlm.. errmm..spooky.. hee..

    eh lina, sampai bile yer ur photography promotion ni?

  2. tau tempat ni like very nice place to's my cup of tea :)

    farah, promotion tu sampai mei end - so cepat2 kalau nak book session :)

  3. I'm on!..jom kak! la la la la..kene advertise nih...gothic model wanted!:D


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