Indonesia Short Trip

A short trip to Indonesia last month brought me to Jakarta and Bandung. It was actually my very first visit to Indonesia after all these years. I really don't know what to expect at first. Although I heard a lot about Bandung earlier on from friends and so forth.

It had been very wet during the visit and frankly I had not been shooting that much. Only when the time permit and Khadijah didn't hijack my camera could I do so. Well at least now, if I were to plan to go there again at least I had a brief idea what it looks like and how things go in that country.

Most of the photos were took in Mount Tangkuban Parahu and The Safari Park. In my opininon, Mount Tangkuban could be a nice place to visit if only they could get rid off the blood suckers souvenirs sellers who kept on bothering tourists like us. Imagine, my mama bought five small tray of strawberries and some key chains for nearly RM80 because she was kinda confused with the currency rates. Sigh!

The safari park is awesome though! I'm sure it could be more enjoyable if the sun was shining and all. We gotta feed the zebras, llamas, elephants, deers, ostriches and well monkeys and scream like mad, paranoid that the animals will bite off our fingers while we were feeding them. Hahahahahahah that was fun really!

I felt like a kid again!
Watched the animals show
Go owwwhhhh and aahhhhh bout this and that

 Mount Tangkuban Parahu


the journey



that's mama modeling for me

 stalls selling souvenirs

the family




Mr. Zebra

Mrs. Lllama

here bambi...

miss dreamer



so what do you think?