Feelin' Green on Monday

Photos from one of the many weekends that we had left unplanned
Desperate enough to make something out of the little time we had together
We ended up that Saturday, in Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Frankly, there's nothing much to see here
Except loads and loads of greens...which is obvious looking at all these pics

Too bad...
Even the monkeys are hiding up in the trees
It must be our unlucky day out










camera - vivitar uws + fujica st605n
film - solaris ferrania FG plus iso 100


  1. i'm loving (a), (d) and (f). Amazing!!! ;) xxx

  2. (h) fav kite kak! nice seriess! :)
    plan utk next week mcm kene tgguh je kak. kene amek gamba org tunang plak on 29th tu. huuuu. akak nak juin dak? ngeee

  3. shle3pyb4by:
    cheers babe ^.^

    thanks sha...
    ok la nnt bila2 senang kasitau orait? org nak tron gak kot paling2 kurung pon ke lokin.

    Kalau plan tak jd buleh la menyebok join sha plak :)


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