Hanimex MC 80-200mm Zoom Lens

Remember the debut entry of my Fujica ST605N camera? No? here's a short intro; I had bought my first  fujica quite some times ago but was hesitant to start using it just because of the bulky zoom lens. So one fine day, I bought another exact camera in Lokin, just because I wanted very badly the original 50mm Fujinon lens (for half the price I paid for the first camera - the second one is a true bargain). Only then did my Fujica was able to come out of the darkness of my cabinet and into limelight!

The Hanimex MC f=80-200mm lens however is as lucky. Thanks god! the time has come for it much deserved chance to come out and play last weekends. Yeay!!! (it must have screamed!)

I was pretty amazed with the result, well it might looks bulky but please don't be fool by the appearance - handling  this lens is a breeze - much, much more easier to focus with compared to the only other lens I got (i.e. the 50mm  Fujinon). Tho' I'm not yet in the comfort zone with this lens, I had a great time doing candid shots from a far without distracting my subject. I can't wait to shoot more with it!

The Bird's Park is definitely a good place to start. 
Maybe I should go to the zoo next.
And owwwhhh the zoom lens also cope well with flare and bokeh








fujica st60n + hanimex mc 80-200mm zoom lens
fuji proplus II iso 100

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  1. fantastic!!!! aperture paling besar berapa kak?..haih nih tk sbr nk beli telephoto lense nih iskiskisk...nice shot kak semuanya love it!


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