Hendra Darwis & Yarn Jamin

Magikcolours second assignment of 2010 came a little bit late but I think that's ok! This one job really tested us the most.  Loads and loads things happened and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to spill it all here now. On a second thought maybe not.

On behalf of Magikcolours I send them my deepest gratitude : to the whole family for being a  such a good sport  - every and each one of them. For once they instantly, make me feel at home or almost  like we're like apart of the family team and less like and intruder crashing on some other people wedding (even tho' we hardly know most of them). "Terima kasih banyak-banyak" for the hospitality, the warm welcome and co-operation...I'm sure gonna remember this one wedding for a very long long time.

Finishing a roll of film was like nothing, we hardly realized it that we were clicking the shutter too  fast to catch up with the handful things and stuffs going on (lucky that we have brought extras rolls). Here are some of my favs from the two days of joyful wedding!

Last but not least..
Hendra & Yarn,
Thank you for the opportunity and trust in Magikcolours to capture one of your happiest moments in life
May both of you will be bless in your marriage
And live happily ever after!


  1. meriah & klasik! i loike!! esp part bunga api waktu malam tu...

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  3. iSpy
    thank you ^.^

    Ikraam Torres
    orait nanti org dtg melawat blog baru ok?


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