random thought on LOMOGRAPHY

There's something about lomography which is so liberating
"You don't have to worry about how your end product looks like"
The photos might be ok....The photos might not be ok
It might be infested with blur, tainted with light leaks, poorly composed, badly lit and etc etc...
But trust me in the end that all doesn't matter
As it is our life we are documenting here

And just like life itself
Nothing is perfect

No matter how bitter or difficult it was when you chance it
One day you will look back and laugh hard
Because surprisingly all that has passed
Aren't we thankful that we are given the chance to experience it?

Just like these photos
One fine day it will make someone smile again
And does perfectness matter?
I guess not

Horizon Perfekt
Lomography Color Negative 400


  1. yeah, kdg2 kita terlalu memikirkan end products dia kan kak.
    padahal bkan senang nak amek gamba yg perfect.
    mcm susah je nak dpt 1 roll film sumer gamba perfect. :)

    good job, kak! nice sgt series yg neh.

  2. sHa

    tulah mcm sgt terror la kan kalau pakai film dpt satu roll perfect,

    tapi kdg2 imperfections tu sebenarnya menambahkan lg karekter/efek dlm satu2 frame tu - and turns it into something even more special than just a perfect photo.

    apa2 pon thanks sha :)


    mcm dh jumpa bakal pengganti kamera masih berkira2 nak beli ke tak heeeee....

  3. bnyaknye gamba horizon...up kat flickr ngan fb tak?

  4. ahleng ariKen:

    kat fb ada..kat flickr pon ada
    tapi kat flickr tak upkan semua


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