Fujica MA-1 : A Debut

Last few weeks I got this camera in my mail all the way from Italy see how far it has travel since it was born in 1982 in Indonesia
And now 18 years later he's back to somewhere it must felt a little bit familiar 

Anyway, the reasons I wanted this camera very badly after I saw it on e{vil}Bay
Besides, it is red in color which i heart so much
Is because  I read some reviews saying that it produces result like a Holga 35 BC
Which means it's able to produce shadowy vignettes photos
Thanks to the plastic lens 

But how true is that?
I don't know
Anxious to find out...
I feed it with a negative film and go mad snapping at whatever
When we visited an expo earlier this month
I was quite happy with results except that
Some of my shots sometimes got blurry because I got issue of estimating the distance
How close is too close?

Unlike a Holga, on Fujica MA-1 lens barrel instead of the distance indicator
It has three different aperture setting for overcast day, sunny day and flash light
Though I doubt the aperture setting will have any effect on my photos

That distance thingy put aside
Overall I think this camera has a potential to produce even better pictures
If only I have more time to invest
Getting to know more about Mr. MA-1 and practice more with him..
For now I keep my fingers crossed

Fujica MA-1
Kodak Color Plus 200

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  1. This really gets me excited! I think I may wanna have my hands on it someday but my Holga 135BC is still my favourite 35mm camera. Now, if only my 35BC has red like that.. it'll be sexyinred :D



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