Memory Lane Junk Market : Ipoh

An outing last two weeks, brought me to Ipoh on an early morning train. Funny I had no problem waking up early Sunday morning, when everyone else probably just went to bed after a midnight out. Because am sure if it was waking up to go to work...that will not be an easy one for me.

Anyway, if vintage and antiques are your cup of tea; perhaps you should visit this flea market and find out if you had any luck looking for gems among the junks. It's actually fun a little bit like treasure hunt, and well you gotta be fast because good items would not last long on the display.

Me? I found an Olympus OM-10 with 50mm OM lens f 1.4 and another zoom lens (i don't remember now what made it is),  to be frank i was more interested at the f 1.4 lens so I could fixed it my olympus pen and hopefully will produces nice bokeh. We'll see.

For now here are some shots I took to be enjoy!
mira - alysia

vintage magazines

one man junks is another treasures

 young businessman

while we are waiting...

 fluffy bunny

and more...

 a busker

shoe laces anyone?

olympus pen ep-1 + lumix  20mm f1.7 ASPH

p/s: GOD! i miss street shooting


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