Jabal Nur

Jabal an-Nour (also Jabal an-Nur or Jabal Nur), (Arabic: جبل النور‎), meaning "The Mountain of Light", is a mountain near the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It houses the Hira cave where Muhammad is said to have received his first revelation from God (Arabic Allah) through the angel Gabriel[1] ~ source from Wikipedia

This year, they had finally made up a staircase up the hill and right to Gua Hira' to make it easier for the pilgrims to visit the place. I did went up the hill and owhhh boy, it's not that easy even with the stair but I made it anyway yeay! The view all along the climb and especially on top of the hill is breathtaking, the reason why I couldn't stop snapping away all through my journey. 

Here are some eye candy for you

fish eye 2 + kodak profoto 100

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