Lembongan, Bali

Earlier this year, we went to this wonderful place called Nusa Lembongan, it was off season couple of weeks after the New Year's celebration madness. Well if you don't mind the occasional rain and the rough ride to get here...I considered it is a very pleasant time to visit. 

In exchanged for the moody weather we got full attention and wonderful service at the beach box we were staying, less crowd and sometimes we even get to use the pool for ourself. Yes, our activities were limited to explore the land but not their waters but that means we could learn to perfect our skills in "the art of doing nothing". 

And another tip which I'm very sure off...never leave your room without sunscreen just because it was raining. Even during the rainy season, we managed to get home more than tan (read turning dark instead) hmmmmm...And here are some feast for your eyes. I shoot with mixture of Kodak Farbwelt 400, expired Agfa Pro 200, Agfa Vista 400 and Agfachrome RSX II couple with my faithful minolta srt 100.

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