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Rudy has all the tools, experience and theory, to make anyone improve their physique, knowledge and become a better person. Lsa Gin Cut Baloon Glass 0.42L (Set of 2)Working with Rudy will change the way you approach your training and nutrition through learning from a dedicated, experienced and highly successful trainer!! LSA International 1.1 Litre Quad Decanter, Clear RRP .00
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Personal Trainer

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I have been working with Rudy for over a year and I have learned so much from him. LSA International Curved Dine Mug, White, 0.38 Litre, Set of 4 He knows the latest science with all things training and nutrition related and it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you already have, you will learn so much more! LSA International Dine Dessert Starter Dish Coupe 16 cm, White

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Working with Rudy I was able to meet 100% of my goals. We were able to cut a lot of body fat off while maintaining strength and performance. LSA Kreis Becher & Esche Untertasse 0.34L - Set of 4Best of all, I was even able to put on some muscle while in a caloric deficit. It was also a valuable learning experience when it comes to nutrition as well as training, helping my own personal business. LSA NOMAD Shot Glasses set of 12 with wooden carrier Hunting Shooting Sloe GinNo matter what your level and experience I definitely suggest working with Rudy.

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1,3L Lotus Ballett pinknthal Kaffeekanne przhvd2343-Home

CSCS Strength Coach,
Personal Trainer

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LSA Serve Trio Platter - 29cmBefore hiring Rudy, I got to a point where I was in a rut. I couldn’t make sense of my training anymore, my body wasn’t changing, I wasn’t really happy with my day to day physique, my eating was very bland, and quite frankly, I was losing motivation.LSA Whisky Islay Shot Glasses Fast forward 12 months, my love for training has been renewed, he has helped broaden my nutrition, I enjoy socialize more because I’m not as restricted nutritionally, and as a result, my body is responding beautifully. LUCARIS LS03BR14 13.75OZ BEER GLASS case of 6I can’t thank Rudy enough!

Fitness Competitor

Doing business with Rudy Mawer has added immense value to my life both personally and professionally. L'Ufficiale Glencairn Scozzese Whisky Whiskey Paragradino Assaggio VetroBy using and executing what he advocates, I’ve been able to improve my own physique and health dramatically, and am now able to do the same for all of my clients.Luigi Bormioli 4 Piece Wine Glass Set, Bourgogne Crescendo - 22.5 Oz. - 09077 09

Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Pilsner 13 oz, Set of 4

CEO/Founder Nutrition Solutions,
NASM Certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

Being a personal trainer and nutrition specialist myself, I had gone through many coaches that just did not understand how to work with my body and my hormones,Luigi Bormioli Prestige Champagne Flute Glasses, 10 oz, Set of 4 but when I reached out to Rudy that all changed. He has truly taught me more than Ive learned from any past coach and I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone and everyone regardless of fitness level.Lumas Bianco silver Ricamato Natale Biancheria da Tavola - Runner o Tovaglioli

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1,3L Lotus Ballett pinknthal Kaffeekanne przhvd2343-Home

Personal Trainer & Model

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I was introduced to Rudy through my friend and IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski.Home Wet Bar Rushmore Personalized 20 oz. Pilsner Glass Ben is one of the most educated and honest bodybuilders in the world so I value his introductions and friendship. I worked with Rudy within Ben’s Mi40 Gym in Tampa and was very impressed with his knowledge.Homer Laughlin 38200 Narrow 15 Mediterranean Platter - Dozen  I also worked as his subject within the University of Tampa as we went through a plethora of physical tests.  I knew almost immediately that I wanted Rudy on my team, since then, his detail of study, knowledge and execution is even better than I expected.Homevalue Healthy 100% Ceramic Wok Set Uncoated Frying Pan with no Harmful Met

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Kris Gethin

Kaged Muscle CEO,
World Renowned Transformation Specialist,

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